Friday, February 28, 2014

My Baby Boy always

I have been reading some of my blogger friends blogs and I see some of you are prego, have babies one year or less and even toddlers and it makes me so happy. I just want to let you know cherish every moment it goes by so fast... I miss holding Julian when he was so small. But I love him being a big boy now. He is almost three. wow. When are potty training now. We are doing so good but if anyone's got some tips I would not mind. :O) Here is a photo when Julian was so small. My fave photo

I love this hair . lol . I put baby lotion in it to style it.

P.S. I will be blogging more just trying to balance everything with this new class I'm taking ..

Hope everyone as a good day. Hello Weekend :O)

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week In Work Out

Sorry for the Monday Post. Every Sunday I have work due for School and I always get done later.  Its an online class and I have to wait till Julian falls asleep. But this week I only worked out once. This week will be better. But I have still be drinking a lot of water......

Have a great Week :O)

edit- I do walk every lunch at work for about 25 mins then I my breaks .. It helps me so much during the day. I have been doing this for a couple of months now. I ALSO still been drinking the protein drinks

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Bliss to Bean

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week In Work Out

Bliss to Bean

Sorry for the late Post. This past week All I was able to do was PT. I had a hard week with my body hurting. But on Sunday I started to Feel better. I have a couple of doctor Appointments this week. But this time last year I could not do anything I was in so much pain. now I'm doing better. I just have bad weeks sometimes. But I have more better days then bad. Another good thing is I'm going to start to go to one day a week for PT so I'm very happy. This week is a new week.

P.S I have been drinking more water and you makes you body feel so much better. I got my Advocare shaker and I love it . It gives me the onuses on the side so I can keep track of how much water I drink and my protein drinks stay mixed well in there.  Thanks Jenn. I hope to be ordering more Adocare in the near Future.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Disorganization, Mama's Hip Tips To get control of your paperwork at Home

This couple of months I have been so disorganized. Sometimes with working full time, going to PT and trying to keep the house clean it gets crazy. I need more time in the day. I now have homework also from school and I need to sleep and most important take care of my family. I came to realize not to stress everything will work out. One step at a time. In 2013 I stressed way to much and its just not worth it. It is worth to enjoy your life with your family. But there are some tips you can do to get a bit more organized one step at a time. No over stressing. 

1. Borrow a Paper Shredder from family or friend. Our they do have one's on Amazon that are not to much. You need to shred old bills, old paperwork just anything with your personal info on it. We do not want anyone looking at all that when you throw it in the trash.

2. Buy a filling Cabinet with folders to label important paper and folders for month by months to keep track of your bills.

3. Take a half hour a day to get all your paperwork or just do it when you get free time on the weekend. Don't stress to much. It will all get taken care of. 

4. Get that Junk mail out of the way. Junk mail makes everything worse. I would shed the Junk mail with your info on it. 

5. Recycle all your newspapers this will give you more space on your table. ( lol ) I buy two papers a week because I try to stock up on coupons.

6. Try to clean your Junk drawer at least once a month. 

7. Get a mail basket to put all your current mail in. I got a really cute on at Goodwill. 

8. Make file sure you make a file just for your paper work you need for your taxes. It so much easier when Tax time comes. (I'm really working on this one )

9. Try not clutter you counter or table. ( I need to work on this one too I always leave papers on my counter.)

10. Don't stress just do as much as you can. :O)


Nicole Xo

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week In Work Out Update

Hey everyone this week was so crazy. I started my online class this week we already had our first quiz today. On a Sunday can you believe that . lol. But I still manage to get my work outs in. Also still go to my full time job. I'm little stressed but I have been feeling a lot better with making shore I keep my body moving. I have had less pain because I have been moving . Here is my progress :O)

Monday: GYM I DID TREADMILL/ ELLIPTICAL. It was about 40 mins. But my body is still weak from everything that's been happening with my body. But if this was months ago I never could do 40 mins. So I'm really happy.
Tuesday: Physical therapy
Wednesday : Rest
Thursday: Physical therapy
Friday: 30 mins on the walking
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Walking for 30 mins again

I hope this coming week I can do more. On days I go to physical Therapy I do not work out because that is a week out. lol. Also I got some new Running Shoes Skechers Flex Shoe .. They are soooo comfortable. 
                                                               HAPPY WORKOUT

Bliss to Bean

 My fancy protein drink lol

My new shoes . Love them

I'm going to try to manage my time this week better. I Have so much to blog about.

Have a great week everyone 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Sorry my week in Workout is a Day late. I was helping my Grandparents and got home very late. But I had a good week. I'm happy with my workouts. On the days I do rest I still do my Physical therapy exercises. If I do not my body gets really sore. Also Julian and I played outside a lot this weekend. Today I hope to go to the gym today. I'm still on the hunt for good walking shoes...

Hope every as a great week  Down below is progress this past week

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Physical therapy
Wednesday : Jane Fonda prime time am/pm yoga
Thursday: Physical therapy
Friday: 30 mins on the stationary bike / light yoga
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest again feeling weak but i'm doing good

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