Thursday, August 3, 2017

Missing you blogging friends

My friends I know its been a couple of months and I said I would not go missing. Every time I sit down and try to blog something life gets so crazy. But I have been doing well and my family too. I just can't sit down like I want to in blog. something always stops me. I have some much to say but I don't want to bore anyone lol.

I started this blog when my son was a couple months old and now he is 6. Time flies and I have to share my moments with everyone I just always put to much on my plate. But I want to mange my time better. I feel a change in me. I have been taking care of myself better and just making sure my family is always taken care of. Before I would not even dress myself right and just take care of my family but you need to take care of your self. It just makes you feel better.

I just hope everyone understands and I want to blog once a week now. for sure

You know what is funny I got myself a planner and it is really helping me stay more focused. I got a weekly health planner to help watch what I eat and my everyday walking I have been doing. baby steps lol and I got a month planner. I never had planners before and love them.

So i will be back soon I promise with more tips... love ya