Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Time At The Park ( Budget Friendly idea's For Fun At The Park.)

 Hello to all my friends I have a couple idea's for budget friendly activities you can do when you are visiting your favorite park. Every penny you can save this spring and summer is great because before we know it the beginning of the school year will be here. All of us mom's know that's when we have to buy school clothes and all the supplies. I was recently introduced to a site where you can set a budget and manage your money if that will help you stay on track for supplies too, This is a great site it's called Personal Capital's financial software tools and app So lets have fun in the sun.

Number one tip take a trip to the dollar store. One of my favorite spots to go to get fun activities is the dollar tree. My son just turned five and he is really into exploring and bugs. Can you believe I found two bug catching kits for one dollar. We are going to find some bugs. Another activity I found was finger shooters. Finger shooters for foam and safe to play. All you do is pull back with your finger and they launch. My third find was magnet horse shoes. I have never seen these before so I had to get them. Horse shoes for perfect for the park. When I was a little girl my dad would play real horse shoes at the park. So I had to get them and they are save. My forth find was bubbles every kid loves bubbles. Again everything was a dollar.

My second tip is to go to Walmart. A great place to get budget friendly activities. I got a bubble machine for around 9 dollars. Its called the Gazillion Tornado Premium Bubble Machine, Also I got a bowling set for around 7 dollars and don't forget the caulk it was only 97 cents. It's always good to have more the one options for your kids to play with at the park because being smaller they like to move on to other things quicker.

My third tip is make or pick up easy picnic food. BLT sandwiches are good to make , pasta salad , and fresh fruit. Today we went to Walmart and got an already made sub sandwich for 5 dollars. It is always good to have water. Water is better then soda because it is so hot. But anything you have at home to make saves money. I also used the ice from my ice machine for our ice chest. Remember every dollar counts.

My fourth tip is look around your house for fun activities to do at the park. I found a football and some other balls and a tennis set we had that we never played. Like I said anything you have saves money and who does not want to save.

My final tip. Just have fun with your family. These days we are always in a hurry and it is just nice to get out and breath in that fresh air and relax.

Here are photo's of are fun time at the park!!

Have a great day everyone and great week. 

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's day

Hope everyone one had a great Mother's day. Julian made me a Mother's day gift at preschool. They were a flower and wind chime. It was the best gift every. Later that night we just went to dinner and came home. Nothing big just family time.

So to every mom out there. Sometimes things get stressful but your not alone. Don't doubt your self because you are a wonderful mom. Not everyone is perfect but your kids love you always. Hope every as a great week.

Love from Julian and I

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