Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

With my son in Kindergarten we really have to stuck to a routine and it's been a little hard. But we are doing it. I should of started school later on for me. But we will get the hang of it. Julian got homework are being in kinder its sure a lot. But we all love doing our homework together. lol

Little tips that help me everyday feel a little better about my day.

Tip 1 I iron my son's clothes at night or pick them out for him. If I don't iron I do it the morning of school. 

Tip 2 We wake up the same time every week day and eat before school. I know that sounds silly but sometimes people don't eat. My son eats two bowls of cereal and I eat a breakfast bar or something like that. I can't eat right away when I wake up my tummy is sensitive. But I Noticed for myself a little something to eat starts my day off better.

Tip 3 I drink cold water right away this helps wake me up and I try to drink it all day.

Tip 4 I just started this in the summer but make sure I have a dishes washed the night before. This helps because the next morning I can just start my day and don't feel overwhelmed 

Tip 5 I try not to sweat the small things .The first thing to do when my son gets home is his homework. Homework is important and number one. It needs to be done. If I can get to that load of clothes it is ok. On less we need underwear lol 

Just a couple of tips for you. I'm not perfect and I'm working on them everyday,,, All you can do it do your best.. I know blogging is something I love and I'm still learning how to manage my time... But I know I will get better. Hope everyone as a amazing week ..........

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