Sunday, July 24, 2016

Back To School ( Target Wins )

Can you believe it Julian start's kindergarten this year my baby is five and growing. It makes me sad but I will be fine. So we did go to Target like I said in an earlier blog But I wanted to show you some of our back to school buys.. I really like going to target for my back to school finds because they are really organized. They have a back to school section in the back and everything you need is there. I did look at Walmart and they did have a back to school section but supplies were still all scattered around the Store. The backpacks were by the shoes. The backpacks were $24 or more and the material did not look very strong. I do love Walmart so this made me sad. Also the character bags you could match up your backpack to your lunch box and it was hard to do that at Walmart. One more thing I loved is if Target ran out of a school supply or backpacks they would re stock it on the floor immediately. Walmart did not seem to do that. I asked them and they just said sorry they go fast. I so understand that happens but they could of told me they were going to re stock or something lol. These are just my thoughts because I do like both places. Just Target seems to have there stuff together when it comes to back to school.

Here are my Target finds.....

Julian is really into Ninja Turtles now. I got this backpack for $15.99
and Lunch box for $7.99

I got the markers , Crayons , Colored pencils for 97 cents. I cant't
remember how much the composition note book was but it was really low price.

I got this last year from Nana O and have put it to the side
because I wanted to save it for this year and I can't            
wait to display some of his school work in his room.          
She got this from the dollar spot at Target.

      I also got a Ninja turtle insulated bottle for water or any drinks he takes.
I also got this Arctic Cove brand at Home Depot. It was only $5.99
It's got a mister on it also so he can stray his face when he gets hot. we been using for basketball practice
Hot in Arizona lol

I hope this helps you my friends and have a great week

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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hey my friends it's been a crazy two weeks but my goal is still to blog every Sunday and I Will still be doing that. I have some great tips coming along and my blog is going to be updated soon. Yay. Thank you Erin so so much.  My family and I just been getting ready for Julian to start kinder and we are so happy .. He is growing so fast. I find some great deals at Target today. Backpack for 15.99 and lunch box for 7.99. I went to Walmart but the bags were 24.00 and more and looked very cheap. Also it was crazy packed there. I love Walmart I buy my food there all the time. But Target was nice and quiet and better deals .... So save away ... Till Sunday ... Have a great weekend

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Life is short.

Hello to all my friends sorry I did not post this Sunday its been a crazy week. I hate to talk about this but I just want to let all you know life is short and we need to make the best of everyday. This past forth of July my dear cousin passed of breast cancer. She was only in her 30's. She was a great person. Always worried about my health when she was going though something much worse in my eye's. She understood me in a different way then anyone. She understand how I felt leaving with pain everyday due to me having Thoracic outlet syndrome. She was so pretty and always was supportive of me. Just goes to show you life is short.I'm always upset of how I feel and maybe I'm just being a baby. She was always so positive ... I MISS YOU AND NOW YOUR IN HAVEN LOOKING OVER US.. Till next week my friends. Love ya

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Five Summer Tips To Save Money........

Hello my friends we are having a great time this summer and hope you are too. I just wanted to share some money saving tips for the summer. We just booked our Vacation in Scottsdale AZ and are so happy. But we have been watching our money very careful so we can save for our trip. So I would like to share some money saving tips.

Mama's Hip Tip #1 Make crock pot dinners during the week and put away the leftovers. Julian loves Mac and Cheese so I found a quick and easy recipe online and we ate it for dinner that night and the next day he had it for lunch. It saved us from going out to eat.

Mama's Hip Tip #2 Here are really cute arts and crafts for kids I bought at the Dollar spot at Target. There are some for 3 dollars and less. I got a garden stepping you can paint and we put it in our little
garden after Julian panted it. It's nice for the kids to do arts and crafts because we have some much time in the summer. Julian always wants to watch t.v and i don't want that.

Mama's Hip Tip #3 If a family member gives you projects you can do with you kids that is great and you don't spend a thing. My mother -in- law give us some herbs and small planting kits. This is great because she knows Julian loves to plant.  It's free!!!

Mama's Hip Tips #4 Check local blogs because a lot will post what you can do weekly for the summer. They post free activities to do with the family that are happening around town.

Mama's Hip Tip # 5 Go on Groupon ...I went on there and found family activities for less then usual. Things that we could never do because it cost to much , But when we buy on Groupon it is so much less.  Like going to the New Jump Time. Its where you can jump on 5,000 square foot trampoline. Got it for $9. What a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps my friends and don't forget to put on the Sun Screen..........





Have a great Forth and please leave me a comment I LOVE to read and reply... God Bless America !!

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