Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My little boy

Julian is growing up. My baby started preschool and he loves it. He got his first invite to his friends Birthday party. It so cute he is so happy to go. Everyday he shows me something new. He is potty trained now. Sometimes he misses his diapers but we are making progress. I still need to carry extra clothes. But I save so much money now without buying diapers. But I discovered a new great thing. Flush able wipes. lol ... Tip. you will need them when you potty train.

I also cut my hair shorter. I need to take some photos of with the short hair .. I have not yet. I was scared to do it. But with my still taking it day by day with my pain. Anything to make life easier. Also with a toddler more time to help and spend with him. I also been trying to dress up at least once a week to feel better. But my health is better then it was. just not all there yet. but on my way.

1st day of preschool

cake I made. Just had to throw this in. i was proud of my cake.

Bubba and I at my cousins re new vow wedding , He was my date . Daddy had to work..

Hope everyone is having a great week