Saturday, April 4, 2015

I'm back for sure got some good news .. living with Thoracic outlet syndrome(TOS)

I had my first Surgery was in November on my right arm again I have Thoracic outlet syndrome with to define it easier is it is Thoracic outlet syndrome is a group of disorders that occur when the blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) become compressed. This can cause pain in your shoulders and neck and numbness in your fingers.

So when I went in for surgery they cut about an Inch and a half of my right rib. Once it was cut my blood flow in that arm started to run down my right arm. All my blood was compressed. My right side was compressed on my vein and artery.. Causing me to have pain in arm , neck and shoulders and numbness in my fingers. Also a deep pain in my arm.. Its hard to describe. Like someone is holding your arm as hard as they can and they will not let go. So much pressure I feel and I get so tired and my whole body feels weak. But like I said I got my right side done and I do not feel that great pressure anymore. I do feel the numbness but its a different numbness there are nerves I never used before and now are working. every week I get more feeling back in my arm. Right now I almost have all my feeling back. Their also numbness in my tummy because the doctor told me the nerves are all connected on the right side. But I can bear it now. 

Back to my good news I going to have my second surgery in May. The same thing is happening on both sides but they can only do one side at a time... I'm so happy I'm just ready to get past all this. Its been a long journey. Another thing I had to stop working the pain is getting worse on my left side and my right side is still healing. Its been bitter sweet I was with the company for almost 10 years. But It was something I to do to focus on my health and spending time with Julian and Daddy.  

This is a start for me to just rest and like I said spend time with my loved one's. I still can do everything normal I just have to pace myself everyday. Its been great taking Julian to preschool and going to my sister graduation. I have been loving staying home and just enjoying life. This Time I have time to blog more and capture things I love ans share was all my blogging friends. I know I said it before but I was getting so tired from (TOS) I could not but now I'm home and have time to do what I love. So please stick with me. It means the world to me. I would love to share some great moments from the past couple of weeks with Julian ........Love you guys.

Julian Preschool

Making mama a picture 

bowling time

ready for my fireman Photo shoot lol

ride the pony

mama coffee it was great 

chef Julian 

another check up.. but hanging in 
Cute bunny 
tractor .. Julian loves tractors 

pony again 

Thank you for spending some time with us and if anyone got questions about (TOS) leave me a comment or email me.. I will be happy to help you if I can...       love love

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