Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Today is May 20th A month after my second surgery. living with Thoracic outlet syndrome(TOS) (update)

Hello my friends today is one month to the day I had my second surgery it was on April 20 2015.
It as been a long road. I'm still recovering and have a lot of pain. But in time it will get better. Everything just needs time to heal. It's going to take months. But this time around I can walk before on the first surgery this time I could not walk normal at all. I would drag my feet slow because I was so weak. I'm weak but better then the first time. I'm so happy to have my life back. Ready to be there for Julian like I really want. Ready for him to see a healthy mamma.  Its hard to type right now because my left side hurts really bad. But I wanted to tell everyone I'm ok and thank for your sweet comments and support. Its been hard but I'm happy and I would  do it all over again, before if i thought about the future all I could think about is the pain in my body. Now I think of all the things I can't wait to do and looking forward to spending good times with Julian and loved ones. Because my pain is better and in time will be gone, Before I did not know if it was ever going to go. Now I have hope. Doctor says he is amazed on how I look now. When I first came to him I looked sad and broken. Now I have a glow and you can see happiness in my face. Thank you again and I'm happy to share my story and help anyone. Day by day that all you have to do.
This is before my first Surgery I had 11-10-2014. This was at my worse.

Hospital room after my second surgery 

My heart monitor they had to keep close eye on my heart rate
because they removed
about an inch of my first left rip and were working close to my heart

My table what I mess. My flower Julian and Nana give me so cute.

couple days after still in the hospital.. lol look a mess

still a mess 

My bed I sleep in for 5 days. 5 long days trying to sleep. But it my last day

This was about a little more then a week ago. Julian completes 1st Year preschool. We were so happy

The reason I shared my pictures was because no matter what you go through it will get better . Everyday is still hard but like I said I finally look forward to the future was no pain. I'm not there yet but it will come...  HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT DAY ..POST REAL SO AGAIN

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