Monday, December 29, 2014

Living with Thoracic outlet and missing my blogger buddies and here is why

On November 10 I had surgery I had thoracic outlet and I was in jeopardy of forming blood clots in my arms and my pain was getting worse and both sides of my arms so on November 10 I went in for major surgery and they removed part of my right rib because it was blocking and I have pressure on my artery and vein so I was not getting blood flow the surgery was a success and everything is fine but I'm on my eight weeks of recovery it could be more recovery time there's a lot of pain due to my surgery and the nerve pain because nerves that I have not use the Year's are starting to work I know this is extreme but I want to share with all of you the reason I started this blog is to help moms with things and I kind of got away from it because I start having so much pain during the several years after having my son but I'm glad you guys are with me because I could share my story and help anybody  going through something like this .I'm so sorry have not been there to support you with your blogs lately and be there to share my stories with you as much as I want but I promise when I done with my full recovery I'll be back. unfortunately i have to have surgery on my left side soon. They just did my right side first. So On January 2 th I have another follow up appointment because we have to do my left side I'm not getting blood flow to that side of my arm either it's going to be a major surgery but it's worth it. Like I said if I don't do this I don't have a very good life are a good quality life and my son is very important to me he is the world to me so that's the main reason I'm doing this and my love ones. again thank you for understanding and I will be posting some moments we've had in the past weeks or so because I'm able to do a little bit more and feeling a little better everyday and thinking  positive. p.s Reading all your blogs make me smile and let me know everything will be ok. You will never know how much it means to me.. Lets me pass my time in bed resting in a more positive then feeling sad . Love you.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas

Christmas singing Jiggle Bells. I was so happy
Pics below are also from Julian First Christmas preschool party

My baby made Mama his first Tamale . I loved it.