Sunday, November 27, 2016


Thankful to everyone in my life and to all I'm blessed with these past years. I have been through so much and the last couple years. Here is the Link I posted living with Thoracic outlet syndrome HERE if you like to read more on it. I now take it day by day, I Stay positive and talk positive. Here are 5 things I'm so thankful for...

1. My loved one's and friends who have been there for me. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you and just spend time with you. Someone to just take you out for Starbucks or donuts. lol
For awhile after my surgeries I just did not want to go out of the house. But my mom was of course was always there and got me out of the house just for a bit. Also for the outlet of blogging and meeting great blogging friends and great friends on Instagram.

2, So Thankful for less pain. I'm still having pain but my arms and body or much stronger then before my surgeries. Something I thought would never happen.

3. Thankful for moments with my 5 year old son. Now that my body is constantly getting healthier and stronger I'm able to take my son to school every morning and pick him up and do all the mommy things I love. I can do all this with out being tired all the time. I myself starting taking a math class at the local community college. It been a great way to get my mind of my health.

4. I know this is silly but I'm just thankful for being alive to breath the air and look at the blue sky, After you go through something so bad you cherish the little things in life. I just cherish looking into my son's eye's and hearing him laugh. Just love being with him and his daddy. Making more moments with our little family

5. I been blessed to not being a afraid to try new things and I want to help more people know that life is wonderful and times get stressed but if you have your loved ones and people you care about it will be ok. I just wanted to post this before the Thanksgiving Weekend was over ..... I'm just happy and thankful for Life......................

6. I just had to add one more. Don't forget to say Thank you . Just those two words mean the world to me.  Thank you again for supporting me..

Have a great week my friends .............