Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick moment

Hello my blogger friends hope everyone is having a great summer. We have been having a great time. Julian is playing basketball this summer and we have just been trying to rest and just have fun. We hope to go to Scottsdale Az in July.. We just love staying at a resort there. We finally to our family photo's... Yay I will post soon. I have to been trying to get myself out there and spend time with people I love I have not done that in forever... I got sick and I just got stuck in that mode for a long time. But now it's time to get out. So I'm going to blog every Sunday for sure. I feel in my heart I love my blog and just want to be out there to help anyone and just to show moments of my life. That things do get better. I have great news soon. So stayed posted and see you next Sunday for my start of blogging with mamas tips, fun , food , inspiration and so much more 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Time At The Park ( Budget Friendly idea's For Fun At The Park.)

 Hello to all my friends I have a couple idea's for budget friendly activities you can do when you are visiting your favorite park. Every penny you can save this spring and summer is great because before we know it the beginning of the school year will be here. All of us mom's know that's when we have to buy school clothes and all the supplies. I was recently introduced to a site where you can set a budget and manage your money if that will help you stay on track for supplies too, This is a great site it's called Personal Capital's financial software tools and app So lets have fun in the sun.

Number one tip take a trip to the dollar store. One of my favorite spots to go to get fun activities is the dollar tree. My son just turned five and he is really into exploring and bugs. Can you believe I found two bug catching kits for one dollar. We are going to find some bugs. Another activity I found was finger shooters. Finger shooters for foam and safe to play. All you do is pull back with your finger and they launch. My third find was magnet horse shoes. I have never seen these before so I had to get them. Horse shoes for perfect for the park. When I was a little girl my dad would play real horse shoes at the park. So I had to get them and they are save. My forth find was bubbles every kid loves bubbles. Again everything was a dollar.

My second tip is to go to Walmart. A great place to get budget friendly activities. I got a bubble machine for around 9 dollars. Its called the Gazillion Tornado Premium Bubble Machine, Also I got a bowling set for around 7 dollars and don't forget the caulk it was only 97 cents. It's always good to have more the one options for your kids to play with at the park because being smaller they like to move on to other things quicker.

My third tip is make or pick up easy picnic food. BLT sandwiches are good to make , pasta salad , and fresh fruit. Today we went to Walmart and got an already made sub sandwich for 5 dollars. It is always good to have water. Water is better then soda because it is so hot. But anything you have at home to make saves money. I also used the ice from my ice machine for our ice chest. Remember every dollar counts.

My fourth tip is look around your house for fun activities to do at the park. I found a football and some other balls and a tennis set we had that we never played. Like I said anything you have saves money and who does not want to save.

My final tip. Just have fun with your family. These days we are always in a hurry and it is just nice to get out and breath in that fresh air and relax.

Here are photo's of are fun time at the park!!

Have a great day everyone and great week. 

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's day

Hope everyone one had a great Mother's day. Julian made me a Mother's day gift at preschool. They were a flower and wind chime. It was the best gift every. Later that night we just went to dinner and came home. Nothing big just family time.

So to every mom out there. Sometimes things get stressful but your not alone. Don't doubt your self because you are a wonderful mom. Not everyone is perfect but your kids love you always. Hope every as a great week.

Love from Julian and I

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blog update

Hey my friends it been a busy month and we are getting ready for Julian's Birthday party. Its going to be so fun. I can't believe he is going to be five. Makes me sad that he is growing so fast. I wanted to tell you guys I will be updating my Blog in June for sure this time I will be blogging weekly. The photographer we have is great we just had to push the date till May. We were going to do it this month but it did not work out. I just can't wait. In the next couple of days I will show you some finds I found for the party. Places I went to help save some money. Because you know anything helps with a family. Hope everyone having a great week.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keep Kind and Support the Kind Campaign from Keep collective

Hello to all my friends I'm happy to tell you I teamed my with Jenn from Bliss to Bean to tell you about the Kind Campaign from Keep collective and the piece's my Designer Jenn created I honestly fell in love with this collection. The inspiring words and positive messages the collection as just touched my heart. Hopes that women and girls wear them and show kindness where ever they are in the world spend the word and be good to one another.

This is just a great cause for woman and girls to support each other. The reason this is so close to my heart as you know I have been through so much this past couple years with my health and without the encouraging words from my sister, mom, mother in law and friends it would of been a lot harder for me to cope with the harder times. It helped me to stay positive and know everything was going to be fine.I can't express how much every kind word meant to me.

Keep collective just as so many different keepers and keys so with your Designer you can pick out a piece that fits you and means something to you.I was touched by the jewelry I jumped at a chance to host a social. I was so happy to receive my keeper from Jenn. It was the black saddle keeper and my key placed on it said ( Believe ). She touched my heart when I opened it up its like she knew how I been feeling.Its been a rough couple of years and the word believe was the perfect word. I have linked Jenn's Site here keep collective so just click there and see all the meaningful jewelry. They have just put so much thought into the jewelry and makes you feel special. Here is a believe Keeper I really love it.

Black saddle keeper is so soft when you put it on,

Hope everyone is having a great day and thank you for stopping by and remember just believe.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016


I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day with your loved one's. I just wanted to share so fun times we had this week. First Julian showing his Fire truck he loves. lol

Our valentine's goodies from our loved ones. Daddy got me flowers and more goodies and Nana O made heart cup cakes that were so good. There is only one left now. lol.  Julian got his candy also and more. This time I got Julian some Dino Activity books and Activity pads for preschool.He really into doing his homework from school so I got him some fun activity pads so he can color and draw. Also this week I made Pirate outfit, My first time making a costume. Here it is

I had these pants and cut the bottoms and the shirt I find at savers and cut the selves. I also got the material for the belt for $ 1.99 at savers also. The hat is from target and it was $2.99. I saved money and made his outfit. He really loved it . I still can't believe I did it. Yay lol

Hope everyone as a great week ........ From our family to yours

Nicole xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show Days

Hello Friends ,

We finally had snow on the mountains and went and made a snow man.. It was so fun and living in southern Arizona we never see snow. So Julian was so happy. Also my arm's were not hurting at all. Being in the cold they hurt when the weather gets cold. So I was really happy.

Also we took a day trip to Phoenix , Az and went to Ikea and loved it and I plan on doing a haul and I also found a photographer to take family photos and photos for my blog. I can't wait so after a get the photo's I can re design my blog... Yay. I hope everyone been staying warm its been so cold.

Enjoy so pictures we took of our snow day.

Hope everyone is having a great week
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