Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Food Network and blog and life updates

Hello my friends i missed you so much and so sorry I have not been blogging in a couple months. But I'm back and have exciting news to tell you ... again sorry for not being able to blog. i started school again, have been a bit overwhelmed with taking care of my family and I just need to work on my time management with everything. But let me tell you the great news that just happen in my family.

  • Food Network: My man was on Food Network show Ginormous food with host Josh Denny. He is head chef at Stray Dogs Restaurant in Tucson, AZ. My son Julian and I are so proud of him. He worked so hard to get to this point and our Son Julian is so happy for his daddy. I also got to be on T.V. and interviewed by the host about the huge donut my man made for the show. It was a dream come true I always dreamed of being on a T.V. show. I loved acting and singing since I was a little girl. Our family is so blessed. when we know the air date I will let everyone know. 

  • New idea's for my blog: I have took the time when I was not blogging to come up with more things I would like to talk about in my blog. I will be posting products I use and giving my honest opinion on them, Products and toys my son likes, easy recipes I make for my family, inspirational posts, posts on my health journey,DIY projects, tips on how I save money for my family and kids projects with my son. I'm so excited to make my self more accountable and focusing on my blog and managing my time better.

  • Health Journey: Happy to go into more details about my health issues with my Thoracic outlet syndrome and how I have been coping emotionally and physically with my new normal. I want to really share my story. So maybe I hope to at least help one person.

I'm just so excited about this new chapter my my families life. Please stay tuned and be a part of my new chapter in my life. Your support means the world to me. Check out some pictures love you guys

Big Donut for the show...

Taking a bite of the donut lol.

My family with the host Josh Denny. He was the sweetest guy ever.

another donut pic lol

Our little family 


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello my friends Happy January 5 things have already started to make this year less stressful

Happy 2017 my friends I have been having a great couple of days. I was not feeling while today but I'm not going to let that stop me. I had to rest more but I still got up and my 5 year old son and I still went to Walmart and the bank. I have came to terms if I do not feel good sometimes it is fine my body just saying rest due to have thoracic outlet syndrome...  I spoke about more in details under my health label and will be posting another update soon. This year a picked two words I want to stick too. They are growth and fearless. I picked fearless last year but I was always letting my health get me down and I never embraced it. This year I just need to relax and don't stress so much. So my friends tell me in the comments what is the word you are doing to embrace for 2017?

But I have already started these 5 things to be less stressful this year.

1. Meal planning: I started meal planning a couple weeks before Christmas and before i would get close to 100.00 dollars a week now its about 60.00 to 80.00 a week.  I'm also trying not to waste food that I buy putting my meals on paper really been helping me.

2. Getting rid of old paper work: I have been holding on to old paper work for years. Old mail,juck mail, and more. I had it all in bins. can you believe I got rid of two bins of papers. I have more room in our hallway closet. I feel like a cloud been lifting from my house. I need to keep on track and keep getting rid of things. Bye clothes I have to wore in forever that will never fit me

3. I got a wallet: i know this sounds silly but I had a small wallet and nothing ever fit. So now I have a bigger one but not to big. Their is a spot to put my cards , money and more. I use to loss everything in my purse now everything is in one place. It still gets crazy sometimes but not like before.

4. Making more time for myself to get ready for my day: I have been trying to put my outfits together like I did before I had so many health issues. Even if it is just putting on a little make up too.

5.Trying not to over think things: I just going to not let things get to me or let anything upset me like before.

i hope everyone is having a great week. Drop me a comment I love to hear from you guys.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Thankful to everyone in my life and to all I'm blessed with these past years. I have been through so much and the last couple years. Here is the Link I posted living with Thoracic outlet syndrome HERE if you like to read more on it. I now take it day by day, I Stay positive and talk positive. Here are 5 things I'm so thankful for...

1. My loved one's and friends who have been there for me. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you and just spend time with you. Someone to just take you out for Starbucks or donuts. lol
For awhile after my surgeries I just did not want to go out of the house. But my mom was of course was always there and got me out of the house just for a bit. Also for the outlet of blogging and meeting great blogging friends and great friends on Instagram.

2, So Thankful for less pain. I'm still having pain but my arms and body or much stronger then before my surgeries. Something I thought would never happen.

3. Thankful for moments with my 5 year old son. Now that my body is constantly getting healthier and stronger I'm able to take my son to school every morning and pick him up and do all the mommy things I love. I can do all this with out being tired all the time. I myself starting taking a math class at the local community college. It been a great way to get my mind of my health.

4. I know this is silly but I'm just thankful for being alive to breath the air and look at the blue sky, After you go through something so bad you cherish the little things in life. I just cherish looking into my son's eye's and hearing him laugh. Just love being with him and his daddy. Making more moments with our little family

5. I been blessed to not being a afraid to try new things and I want to help more people know that life is wonderful and times get stressed but if you have your loved ones and people you care about it will be ok. I just wanted to post this before the Thanksgiving Weekend was over ..... I'm just happy and thankful for Life......................

6. I just had to add one more. Don't forget to say Thank you . Just those two words mean the world to me.  Thank you again for supporting me..

Have a great week my friends .............


Thursday, October 13, 2016


This week we went to the Pumpkin patch and it was a much needed break. We have been so busy I have had no time to blog. But of course I will manage my time better and with me taking a class at local community college. Also helping with my sons kinder class and normal mamma duties. I have more homework then I thought but taking this class is great. It's always nice to do something for your self.

So I have a couple of tips for going to the Pumpkin patch and having fun with the family.

TIP 1: Wear sneakers (shoes) I know this sounds silly But the first year I went I wore sandals and my feet hurt , got really dirty walking in the patch and just hurt from walking around so much, This year we all wore shoes and we were able to walk so much more and not get so tired,

TIP 2: Bring a backpack. A backpack so your don't have a hold everything being the mom. lol.  Just use an old backpack we used Julian's from school last year. It worked perfect and their is a side open pocket to fit a water bottle or water you may buy there.  We also bought a reusable cup for five dollars and to refill it was a dollar. We thought this was better then buying a drink for three dollars each time. Save money 

TIP 3: Things I put in our backpack. I got bug spray, hand sanitizer (for the petting zoo lol) Also a cloth to wipe my sons head because he sweats really easy or take wipes.

TIP 4: Hat or glasses for your little one and of course for you and daddy. lol

TIP 5: We drink water the whole time and we stayed longer because we were not all dehydrated..

Hope these tips help and just have fun ...............I love fall

Daddy and Julian way in the patch lol

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

With my son in Kindergarten we really have to stuck to a routine and it's been a little hard. But we are doing it. I should of started school later on for me. But we will get the hang of it. Julian got homework are being in kinder its sure a lot. But we all love doing our homework together. lol

Little tips that help me everyday feel a little better about my day.

Tip 1 I iron my son's clothes at night or pick them out for him. If I don't iron I do it the morning of school. 

Tip 2 We wake up the same time every week day and eat before school. I know that sounds silly but sometimes people don't eat. My son eats two bowls of cereal and I eat a breakfast bar or something like that. I can't eat right away when I wake up my tummy is sensitive. But I Noticed for myself a little something to eat starts my day off better.

Tip 3 I drink cold water right away this helps wake me up and I try to drink it all day.

Tip 4 I just started this in the summer but make sure I have a dishes washed the night before. This helps because the next morning I can just start my day and don't feel overwhelmed 

Tip 5 I try not to sweat the small things .The first thing to do when my son gets home is his homework. Homework is important and number one. It needs to be done. If I can get to that load of clothes it is ok. On less we need underwear lol 

Just a couple of tips for you. I'm not perfect and I'm working on them everyday,,, All you can do it do your best.. I know blogging is something I love and I'm still learning how to manage my time... But I know I will get better. Hope everyone as a amazing week ..........

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Monday, August 29, 2016

5 Tips to make you feel better about getting older in life

Hey my friends happy Monday hope everyone had a great start to the week. Mine was busy and still busy. But if I can't get my blog post up Sunday's I'm going to shoot for Monday. But I like Sunday's. Last week was my first week back at school. I'm going to the local community college, I love it but I wish I was done. If I did not have all my these health issues and surgeries this past couple of years I would have been done. I'm going back to get my degree in social work. But now I'm going to be 35 in a couple days and feel like I lost all this time, Sorry I guess I'm just like this right now because my birthday will be here and I thought I would have done more in my life by now. Anyone ever feel like that? Don't get me wrong I'm so happy I have my son and his got a great daddy. I just want to make sure Julian gets everything he needs and more.. 35 is just getting to me . So today I'm going to give you 5 tips on how to feel better when you get the blues about getting older. lol These are helping me forget about my Birthday blues... lol

Tip 1 I keep telling myself it is just a number you just need to take care of your self. If you don't take care of your self your body feels older. I really want to start Yoga or something like that..

Tip 2 Dress up if you want to dress up. Sometimes picking my son up at school and just on a shirt and shorts.. But I need to take time to pick out my clothes like I use too.

3. Plan your self a get together with your family or friends, Just because your older does not mean you can't throw your self a little something. lol

4. You earned it. Buy your self something you really wanted, You do so much for everyone get it. lol. Nice thing about not being a kid anymore is you have some money. lol

5. look to the future,, I noticed I was just caught up on the past and negative things. I got so many good things happening. Now my health is better, I started school, my so loves school, I do what makes me happy now. Like this blog. I just try not to over think it.. SO HAPPY B DAY TO EVERYONE WHO GOT A BIRTHDAY IN AUGUST.. thank you for stopping by love you

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Starbucks makes me happy and I hear you get a free drink on your Birthday if you sign up for the awards program.
This is not them telling me to let everyone. lol, This something I find out because i signed up and it is free and you earn points when you buy drinks. The points can be used to get free food or drinks. 

Tip I just load my Starbucks card every two weeks to budget myself. I do
10 -15 dollars and when I ran out I have to wait till it rounds two weeks again.
Because you know it is pricey ,, But I love it. They can also reload your card at the
store so you don't have to put a debit card on file..

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

99 Cent only store finds for crafts and Kindergarten learning tools

Hey My friends happy Sunday and I'm loving posting on Sunday. We have had a crazy week and last Sunday was crazy and I missed a post. But now we have a good routine during the week. So now it makes the weekend more open to do my blogging. So Julian is loving Kinder and I wanted to share some great crafts and learning tools I found at the 99 cent only store. Crafts that you can add to your collection for helping you child with homework projects and more. Also I find learning activities you can do at home to help them practice their numbers and letters. Lets get Started my friends......

I find Glitter Glue, foam sheets, pom poms and fun foam shapes.

Close up of the foam shapes..

Craft sticks you can use these for so many projects.

Alphabet blocks I was so happy when I find these Julian is
working on learning his letters and I just did not want to use flash cards

Magnetic wooden numbers so cool they stick to any surface.

This was a great find It was $1.99 but it is a whole pack with doodle pad, construction pad,over 100 stickers, 4pk crayons and coloring growing chart. wow great deal

This is my calculator I start my math class at our local community college..  So happy to go back. If you have a 99 cent only store near you I would check it out. These are all my finds and things I thought were cool for our kidos. hope everyone having a great Sunday

Also Thank you to Erin with lovefunandfootball for updating my blog I just love it and her blog is always fun to read so go
check her out.

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