Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Staying strong time after time with having Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Managing Life in 2018

Here is the start of my long journey on Nov 10th, 2014 was my first surgery. I knew I would have to set the date for my second surgery because you can't do both arms at the same time. I can explain why I had my surgeries in a simple way because it's a long story. I have thoracic outlet syndrome  I talked about before here before I was getting no blood flow to both arms and it causes great pain. If I was not to have the surgeries I was at high risk to get blood clots and lose my arms. Also, the pain was getting worse every day and I made the choice to do this because everything else I tried to control the pain did not work.

So I want back to work in Jan 2015 but part time. But my other arm was getting worse and I needed to have surgery again. So I had surgery in April 2015, I had Julian 4th Bday party early so I can enjoy it for him Meanwhile I told my job of almost 10 years I needed to have surgery again and they let me go due to me leaving to have surgery. I was so upset and now I have no job. But that's another story. I went forward with surgery and I was in the hospital for a whole week. So again the recovery time was long.

Now we are in Sept 2018 I can't believe how time is passed  I still deal with pain in my arms but it is manageable and I'm not at risk of getting blood clots now. But I still have to take nerve pain medication for now. Nerve medication helps my nerves calm down. You see I have all these nerves I never used and now it feels like someone is shocking me or my arms get very sore and I have to rub my arms very hard so the pain can go away.

But the reason I tell you this is before I had my surgeries in 2014 I had a bad quality of life. For example, I would do one thing like go to the store and then pick my son up at school and I would be so tired and weak. This was because I was not getting the right blood flow in my body. But now I have more energy.

I do struggle with different emotions feelings of sadness still but it is not every day. The beginning of all my surgeries it was very hard mentally. No one tells you how hard mentally it is having two major surgeries and the recovery time with your physical pain.  But time heals everything. Now 2018 I have some hard times. But I had to change the way I think and know I can't overdo it some days. Some days I have to still take it easy. I realize this is my normal. I struggled for a long time comparing myself to everyone around me. But now I take it day by day. I enjoy every little thing now like how pretty the Arizona sunsets are and how I'm blessed to see them every day.

The reason I'm sharing this is I want to tell anyone if you are going through something like this their is hope. In the future I will share more. I'm still get a bit embarrassed about all of this. But I choose to share more because if I can help one person that is all that matters.. Here are some of pictures through the years. I tried my best to find pictures in 2015 and 2016 but those were hard years. I hope to find some I like. Thank you again my friends for supporting and reading this. I going to share more and not be embarrassed to blog like I use too...

Before my surgeries in 2013 a day out with my family


Couple weeks before I had  my second surgery
in April 2014. My arms so are swollen.

April 2014 in the hospital after my second surgery.


2018 On a date with my baby we have not
went on many dates in years due to me not feeling well.

August 2018 My son and I on his first day of 

September 2018 New haircut and silly picture.
Finally learning how to take care of me again. Silly pic !!

September 2018 Current family photo. :O) 
I hurt my leg but its all good. love u guys!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April 29th Missing blogging...

New posts soon on my blog .... Also new things coming up... So excited

Love Nicole

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Healthy Living (small steps)

Hey my friends this post is going to be about how it does not take much to take healthy steps to start to live a healthy life. On my last blog post Link Here Wellness Routine With Having A Six Year Old. I wrote of my routine. This post I'm going to talk about things I do during the week if a can't get a couple walks in or work outs. what do I do get myself on track and not feeling so sluggish. When I get crazy busy with moms things.

Tip 1:I drink even more water then usual and just try to keep really hydrated during the day. For every meal I also keep drinking water.

Tip 2: Try not to push the snooze button. I try to just get out of bed and just take my shower the first couple of minutes when I wake up. This really helps me wake up and get my energy up. When the water hits my face it really helps me wake up.

Tip 3: I park further in the parking lot . This sounds funny but I do anything to get an extra couple steps in were a can. Also when I'm waiting for my son to get out of school. The school as a lot of stairs in one area. I walk up and down them a couple of minutes. They are in an area were there is not to much people watching. So I do not look too crazy. lol.

Tip 4: I make sure I take my supplements everyday. I recently heard of Elysium Health—they have a great supplement called Basis which is designed to support well-being at a cellular level. Something I just think I need getting older in life. I'm 36 now and feel like I need to stay on top of my supplements. I also had the pleasure of being featured on one of their health graphics. They have a bunch of great health information on their website so please check it out. Here is the link. There is so much more beneficial information to help give you insight into why it is good to live a healthy lifestyle. There's also more great information on their supplement Basis.

TIP 5: I know I always say this just try to stay positive and do something everyday that makes you happy. I like hanging out at my local coffee shop. I sit outside and enjoy the great Arizona weather. Have a great weekend my friends and drink water ... lol :O)

Nicole xoxo

Friday, September 15, 2017

Wellness Routine With Having A Six Year Old.

Hello all my friends for stopping by my blog it means the world to me. Hope everyone is having a stress less week. Which brings me to what my blog post is going to be about. These days everyone's schedules are so busy. You need to make sure you take care of your self.

I'm going to share some simple tips on how to keep a simple wellness routine with having a six year old.

  • Morning exercise and including your kids with being active with you-When I drop my son off at school I go walking on the track. I have other moms who join me from our school, It is a great why to motivate one another and they are a great support group. When I can not do that I include my family with active activities. We go swimming, bike ride and walking. My bike broke and is getting fixed but I still walk behind my son. He is in training wheels so he is not too fast. When my hubby is home we go on night walks. My son is in swimming lessons so when he is in class I can swim in a different area while I wait for him. We just love the water.

  • Hydrate- What I did is buy a 32 ounce water container and fill it up with water. Then I fill my favorite cup up all day and drink it. By the end of the day this helps me keep track of how much water I drink. I love putting lemon in my water

  • Supplements- I have been taking a probiotic and it's really been helping my digestive system,stay more regular and causing me to be less bloated. I also take multivitamin to protect my health. 

  • Changing your eating habits- I noticed when I would eat red meat or put sweetener in my drinks my stomach would ache. So for two weeks I stop doing both and my daily stomach aches went away. So now I just get drinks without sweetener and lay off the red meat for now. I do eat chicken. This just works for me and my body feels much better. I noticed just simple changes to your diet and drinking more water help so much.

  • writing your thoughts and feeling on paper- I know this does not seem like wellness but to me it is. For a while I kept forgeting simple things. I felt I bit overwelmed. So every morning and bed time I write a few short words in my note book by my bed. This is helped me stay more clear minded. So I'm less stressed. I really love doing this.

  • Diffuse essential oils- I diffuse oils in my house to keep it smelling fresh, kill germs,keep my family in a good mood. Also put it in our bath to help soothe and relax muscles. There are so many things I find online you can do with essential oils.
This is just a simple wellness routine that works for me. You can always add things as you go along. A week ago my Physical therapist just added some new exercises I can do. I have to be careful with my neck because I had surgery a while back. Anyone can have a wellness routine you just got to adjust to your life style. Just stay positive and don't be to hard on your self. I hope some of these tips help you my friends. :O)

Walking behind my son while he riding his bike. :O)

Still doing our daily walking routine on our beach vacation
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