Sunday, August 21, 2016

99 Cent only store finds for crafts and Kindergarten learning tools

Hey My friends happy Sunday and I'm loving posting on Sunday. We have had a crazy week and last Sunday was crazy and I missed a post. But now we have a good routine during the week. So now it makes the weekend more open to do my blogging. So Julian is loving Kinder and I wanted to share some great crafts and learning tools I found at the 99 cent only store. Crafts that you can add to your collection for helping you child with homework projects and more. Also I find learning activities you can do at home to help them practice their numbers and letters. Lets get Started my friends......

I find Glitter Glue, foam sheets, pom poms and fun foam shapes.

Close up of the foam shapes..

Craft sticks you can use these for so many projects.

Alphabet blocks I was so happy when I find these Julian is
working on learning his letters and I just did not want to use flash cards

Magnetic wooden numbers so cool they stick to any surface.

This was a great find It was $1.99 but it is a whole pack with doodle pad, construction pad,over 100 stickers, 4pk crayons and coloring growing chart. wow great deal

This is my calculator I start my math class at our local community college..  So happy to go back. If you have a 99 cent only store near you I would check it out. These are all my finds and things I thought were cool for our kidos. hope everyone having a great Sunday

Also Thank you to Erin with lovefunandfootball for updating my blog I just love it and her blog is always fun to read so go
check her out.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN 5 tips to make your your child feel better

Hey my friends happy Monday. So my son first day of kinder was last Thursday. He is loving it but it is a bit hard for him to leave me all day. But I just tell him he is going to have fun and a good day. He likes me to wave to him till he gets in the room. It is hard for me too. It was really hard to let him go. But I know it is for the best.

I have a couple tips for your little one going to kinder to make them feel better.

Tip 1 Put a picture of your family in there back pack till they get use to you being awhile.

Tip 2  Write a little note in there lunch box. Julian knows what love you looks like so he loves that ..

Tip 3 Just be positive for you and your little one. This is a very overwhelming time for both of you.

Tip 4 Don't be shy to talk to their teacher with any concerns. Remember they are there to talk to you too. They want your child to have a good experience. If you have any concerns better to nip it in the butt right away.

Tip 5 Make time to do homework or recapping of what they did at school. So your child knows your just as excited for school as they are. They told us about 45 mins or less everyday would be great to do at home.

Hope everyone as a great week and hope this helped a bit
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sorry my friends ( post will be up tomorrow)

I know It's Sunday and I mean to post Sundays. It as been a crazy couple of weeks something is always coming up and we are gone all day. So I'm going to keep posting Sunday but if it gets pushed it will be Monday. I'm going to get a new computer too. I can't wait my screen broke on mine so I have to drive and use my sister's computer or I use my kindle I have a little keyboard with it. I love it but the words are hard to see when I write. lol  I feel so bad because it delays everything for me. I don't see my emails right away. Sorry to everyone again. Also if anyone knows a good brand lab top let me know in the comments. I had a HP I liked it but I know there better ones out there. I just can't spend to much right now. I also starting my online class towards my social work degree and this was a bad time for my computer to break. lol

But I just want everyone to have a great week .I HEARD someone say today that every time you woke up and see the sun and breath the air it's a blessing.. So just make everyday a good day.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moms need to take time too ( 5 tips )

Hey my friends how are doing ? My family and I just went on vacation and we had a blast. But this is the first time that I took time for myself. I got ready each time we went out. It made me feel so much better hanging out in a different town with my family.  Here are some good times we had and five tips take time for you mom. lol

Tip 1: I know it is hard but if you have time while the kids are resting take time and put on easy makeup and put on a simple cute outfit. I just put on cute shorts from target and a simple blouse. I just put on tint moisturizer with SPF 30 because we were in the sun a lot, stick concealer,bronze,Mac powder and mascara.

Tip 2: Buy a body mist. I just bought a body mist at Bath & body works... On sale for $3. Perfect for the trip nice and fresh.. Spray and go

Tip 3: Shop Groupon I got a spa package for the resort I was staying at way less then buying it at the resort spa.

Tip 4: Don't be afraid to ask someone to watch the kids. So you can step out and walk around and just take it all in.

Tip 5: Just live in the moment and pick at least one activity you want to do. Like I picked Ikea trip. lol. It was something I really wanted to do and don't feel bad because you already did the fun family things

This trip was so fun and sorry my friends I know it is Wednesday. We got back on Monday and we been getting ready for Julian to start Kinder.. But I will have a post up Sunday again,,, For sure. Hope everyone is having a great week. 


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Back To School ( Target Wins )

Can you believe it Julian start's kindergarten this year my baby is five and growing. It makes me sad but I will be fine. So we did go to Target like I said in an earlier blog But I wanted to show you some of our back to school buys.. I really like going to target for my back to school finds because they are really organized. They have a back to school section in the back and everything you need is there. I did look at Walmart and they did have a back to school section but supplies were still all scattered around the Store. The backpacks were by the shoes. The backpacks were $24 or more and the material did not look very strong. I do love Walmart so this made me sad. Also the character bags you could match up your backpack to your lunch box and it was hard to do that at Walmart. One more thing I loved is if Target ran out of a school supply or backpacks they would re stock it on the floor immediately. Walmart did not seem to do that. I asked them and they just said sorry they go fast. I so understand that happens but they could of told me they were going to re stock or something lol. These are just my thoughts because I do like both places. Just Target seems to have there stuff together when it comes to back to school.

Here are my Target finds.....

Julian is really into Ninja Turtles now. I got this backpack for $15.99
and Lunch box for $7.99

I got the markers , Crayons , Colored pencils for 97 cents. I cant't
remember how much the composition note book was but it was really low price.

I got this last year from Nana O and have put it to the side
because I wanted to save it for this year and I can't            
wait to display some of his school work in his room.          
She got this from the dollar spot at Target.

      I also got a Ninja turtle insulated bottle for water or any drinks he takes.
I also got this Arctic Cove brand at Home Depot. It was only $5.99
It's got a mister on it also so he can stray his face when he gets hot. we been using for basketball practice
Hot in Arizona lol

I hope this helps you my friends and have a great week

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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hey my friends it's been a crazy two weeks but my goal is still to blog every Sunday and I Will still be doing that. I have some great tips coming along and my blog is going to be updated soon. Yay. Thank you Erin so so much.  My family and I just been getting ready for Julian to start kinder and we are so happy .. He is growing so fast. I find some great deals at Target today. Backpack for 15.99 and lunch box for 7.99. I went to Walmart but the bags were 24.00 and more and looked very cheap. Also it was crazy packed there. I love Walmart I buy my food there all the time. But Target was nice and quiet and better deals .... So save away ... Till Sunday ... Have a great weekend

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Life is short.

Hello to all my friends sorry I did not post this Sunday its been a crazy week. I hate to talk about this but I just want to let all you know life is short and we need to make the best of everyday. This past forth of July my dear cousin passed of breast cancer. She was only in her 30's. She was a great person. Always worried about my health when she was going though something much worse in my eye's. She understood me in a different way then anyone. She understand how I felt leaving with pain everyday due to me having Thoracic outlet syndrome. She was so pretty and always was supportive of me. Just goes to show you life is short.I'm always upset of how I feel and maybe I'm just being a baby. She was always so positive ... I MISS YOU AND NOW YOUR IN HAVEN LOOKING OVER US.. Till next week my friends. Love ya

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