Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Better Days

I know I have not been blogging a lot I just been dealing a lot with my health and my 

Thoracic Outlet and my pain .. But no worries I'm doing better. I feel like I have so much to share and I will . miss you my friends. By the way Julian is doing great. We will see you soon. Thank you and please be patient with me


Monday, September 29, 2014


Today Julian's got a little cold. I want him to eat some chicken soup but I just did not want to open I can of soup. I wanted him to have that good broth. I been trying to cook more. So what I did was make my easy chicken soup.
Chopped up Celery
Bag of frozen corn
Bag of frozen carrots
I shredded a rotisserie chicken(already cooked lol)added to veggies and broth
added Chicken flavor bouillon(start with a small amount then add as you go.)
boiled some egg noodles and added it to the veggies and broth. let cook for about an hour or till the veggies were soft.

Then all done. so easy. I was so happy this was my first time making soup like this. The best part Julian loved it and the broth taste so good. So anytime you want to make easy chicken soup . Here you go .. So proud of my self lol.

Here is my soup


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


These couple of weeks have been crazy with me trying to get rid of things in the house we do not need and re organizing Julian's room and my room.I try to organize a little each day I don't want to over do my self. I donated so many things to Goodwill. Another great place to donate is Savers. Savers even's give's you a discount of the store if you donate. I find play clothes for Julian there and baskets for the house to help organize. I also give a lot of clothes that Julian grow out of to some of my friends that have toddler boys. Friends are also happy to have extra clothes.I know I was when friends give me clothes for Julian. Julian is getting so much bigger and he needs more room. So I have a couple tips for toddlers room also.

Buy hanging vertical closet storage .. It saves you some room and it is great for toddler's smaller clothes and small shoes.

I love this I put one in my room and Julian's room. My mother told me about them and I'm so glad she did.

This Play mate I got from Home depot and Julian loves playing with his car's on it. It is also a good side. Its 3ft. x 5 ft

We still got a lot to do. If I do to much my body hurts But I'm able to deal with the pain better these days. I just need to keep positive.


Hope everyone is having a great week ...

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Friday, September 5, 2014


These days we are all about having fun and enjoying life. I still have many days with my pain in my body. But I manage it better now.Stay positive. This past Labor day Weekend we stayed at a south western Hotel. I got Julian I golf set and he pushed it everywhere. It was so cute. We also sent swimming the whole time. Julian loves the water. I also turned 33 years old. My Birthday was this past Sunday. I use to get really sad when getting older but now I just enjoy it. This year I plan on keep working towards a happier me. I have tons of plans.
hi Mama

My baby is golfing

Here is one start to drink Healthy green drinks lol. I just love whole foods.

I hope everyone is a good week :O)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My little boy

Julian is growing up. My baby started preschool and he loves it. He got his first invite to his friends Birthday party. It so cute he is so happy to go. Everyday he shows me something new. He is potty trained now. Sometimes he misses his diapers but we are making progress. I still need to carry extra clothes. But I save so much money now without buying diapers. But I discovered a new great thing. Flush able wipes. lol ... Tip. you will need them when you potty train.

I also cut my hair shorter. I need to take some photos of with the short hair .. I have not yet. I was scared to do it. But with my still taking it day by day with my pain. Anything to make life easier. Also with a toddler more time to help and spend with him. I also been trying to dress up at least once a week to feel better. But my health is better then it was. just not all there yet. but on my way.

1st day of preschool

cake I made. Just had to throw this in. i was proud of my cake.

Bubba and I at my cousins re new vow wedding , He was my date . Daddy had to work..

Hope everyone is having a great week 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Things I love

Its been a while but I'm hear to tell you everything is fine. Everyday is hard but my health is getting better. I want to be honest I have not been blogging like I like because I don't want anyone to think I just blog about how bad I feel all the time. Everything is getting better but it seems every time I blog I blog about how my heath is. I have so much things I want to sure with my friends. But its like my brain thinks about my heath all the time. Today I'm going to blog on the things I love 

I buy pieces of things I want to re paint but I never get time. But I hope to soon.

I just love watching cooking shows My fav is Pioneer Women. I was I could cook like that. lol

I know this list is silly but I had to do it.

Here are some moments with Julian we have been having so much fun

Julian in his monster truck

Julian loves his fire trucks. He told me he wants to be a fireman.

Julian first time at a movie theater .. He was like mama that is a big tv.

Hope everyone is having a good week see you soon

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Good times ... I finally have more strength to do fun things my son.. We been having so much fun. I can not wait till I get even better .. Everyday is hard to get it getting better. Im working on my time management because I get so weak late in the day. But I pain to work a lot more. I know I saw that a lot but I have so much to share .. Have a great week so you soon.