Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keep Kind and Support the Kind Campaign from Keep collective

Hello to all my friends I'm happy to tell you I teamed my with Jenn from Bliss to Bean to tell you about the Kind Campaign from Keep collective and the piece's my Designer Jenn created I honestly fell in love with this collection. The inspiring words and positive messages the collection as just touched my heart. Hopes that women and girls wear them and show kindness where ever they are in the world spend the word and be good to one another.

This is just a great cause for woman and girls to support each other. The reason this is so close to my heart as you know I have been through so much this past couple years with my health and without the encouraging words from my sister, mom, mother in law and friends it would of been a lot harder for me to cope with the harder times. It helped me to stay positive and know everything was going to be fine.I can't express how much every kind word meant to me.

Keep collective just as so many different keepers and keys so with your Designer you can pick out a piece that fits you and means something to you.I was touched by the jewelry I jumped at a chance to host a social. I was so happy to receive my keeper from Jenn. It was the black saddle keeper and my key placed on it said ( Believe ). She touched my heart when I opened it up its like she knew how I been feeling.Its been a rough couple of years and the word believe was the perfect word. I have linked Jenn's Site here keep collective so just click there and see all the meaningful jewelry. They have just put so much thought into the jewelry and makes you feel special. Here is a believe Keeper I really love it.

Black saddle keeper is so soft when you put it on,

Hope everyone is having a great day and thank you for stopping by and remember just believe.

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