Thursday, October 13, 2016


This week we went to the Pumpkin patch and it was a much needed break. We have been so busy I have had no time to blog. But of course I will manage my time better and with me taking a class at local community college. Also helping with my sons kinder class and normal mamma duties. I have more homework then I thought but taking this class is great. It's always nice to do something for your self.

So I have a couple of tips for going to the Pumpkin patch and having fun with the family.

TIP 1: Wear sneakers (shoes) I know this sounds silly But the first year I went I wore sandals and my feet hurt , got really dirty walking in the patch and just hurt from walking around so much, This year we all wore shoes and we were able to walk so much more and not get so tired,

TIP 2: Bring a backpack. A backpack so your don't have a hold everything being the mom. lol.  Just use an old backpack we used Julian's from school last year. It worked perfect and their is a side open pocket to fit a water bottle or water you may buy there.  We also bought a reusable cup for five dollars and to refill it was a dollar. We thought this was better then buying a drink for three dollars each time. Save money 

TIP 3: Things I put in our backpack. I got bug spray, hand sanitizer (for the petting zoo lol) Also a cloth to wipe my sons head because he sweats really easy or take wipes.

TIP 4: Hat or glasses for your little one and of course for you and daddy. lol

TIP 5: We drink water the whole time and we stayed longer because we were not all dehydrated..

Hope these tips help and just have fun ...............I love fall

Daddy and Julian way in the patch lol

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