Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hey my friends it's been a crazy two weeks but my goal is still to blog every Sunday and I Will still be doing that. I have some great tips coming along and my blog is going to be updated soon. Yay. Thank you Erin so so much.  My family and I just been getting ready for Julian to start kinder and we are so happy .. He is growing so fast. I find some great deals at Target today. Backpack for 15.99 and lunch box for 7.99. I went to Walmart but the bags were 24.00 and more and looked very cheap. Also it was crazy packed there. I love Walmart I buy my food there all the time. But Target was nice and quiet and better deals .... So save away ... Till Sunday ... Have a great weekend

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  1. Julian's going to be in kindergarten?! Oh my! Time is going fast, isn't it?!


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