Monday, July 11, 2016

Life is short.

Hello to all my friends sorry I did not post this Sunday its been a crazy week. I hate to talk about this but I just want to let all you know life is short and we need to make the best of everyday. This past forth of July my dear cousin passed of breast cancer. She was only in her 30's. She was a great person. Always worried about my health when she was going though something much worse in my eye's. She understood me in a different way then anyone. She understand how I felt leaving with pain everyday due to me having Thoracic outlet syndrome. She was so pretty and always was supportive of me. Just goes to show you life is short.I'm always upset of how I feel and maybe I'm just being a baby. She was always so positive ... I MISS YOU AND NOW YOUR IN HAVEN LOOKING OVER US.. Till next week my friends. Love ya

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