Monday, February 17, 2014

Week In Work Out

Bliss to Bean

Sorry for the late Post. This past week All I was able to do was PT. I had a hard week with my body hurting. But on Sunday I started to Feel better. I have a couple of doctor Appointments this week. But this time last year I could not do anything I was in so much pain. now I'm doing better. I just have bad weeks sometimes. But I have more better days then bad. Another good thing is I'm going to start to go to one day a week for PT so I'm very happy. This week is a new week.

P.S I have been drinking more water and you makes you body feel so much better. I got my Advocare shaker and I love it . It gives me the onuses on the side so I can keep track of how much water I drink and my protein drinks stay mixed well in there.  Thanks Jenn. I hope to be ordering more Adocare in the near Future.


  1. Just keep doing your best mama! Rest when you need to and sweat when ya can. I am so happy you love your shaker!! :)


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