Monday, February 24, 2014

Week In Work Out

Sorry for the Monday Post. Every Sunday I have work due for School and I always get done later.  Its an online class and I have to wait till Julian falls asleep. But this week I only worked out once. This week will be better. But I have still be drinking a lot of water......

Have a great Week :O)

edit- I do walk every lunch at work for about 25 mins then I my breaks .. It helps me so much during the day. I have been doing this for a couple of months now. I ALSO still been drinking the protein drinks

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Bliss to Bean


  1. any thing you do is good, nicole! just keep moving forward. every time you walk or run to get julian, pick him up or take him somewhere is exercise! you're doing a great job!!!

  2. aww Thank you olgs ..I really hope so :O)

  3. Walking is such a great stress reliever. I bet it's a big help during the work day!

    1. It is .. walking outside and listening the the birds and walking. it sounds silly but helps me so much

  4. I am SO jealous you can walk outside and hear the birds!! It's not silly at all. I cannot wait until this weather breaks!! You're doing great girlie xoxo

  5. Just keep on trucking girl! You're doing awesome! Walking outside is fantastic. Get those steps in!


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