Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week In Work Out Update

Hey everyone this week was so crazy. I started my online class this week we already had our first quiz today. On a Sunday can you believe that . lol. But I still manage to get my work outs in. Also still go to my full time job. I'm little stressed but I have been feeling a lot better with making shore I keep my body moving. I have had less pain because I have been moving . Here is my progress :O)

Monday: GYM I DID TREADMILL/ ELLIPTICAL. It was about 40 mins. But my body is still weak from everything that's been happening with my body. But if this was months ago I never could do 40 mins. So I'm really happy.
Tuesday: Physical therapy
Wednesday : Rest
Thursday: Physical therapy
Friday: 30 mins on the walking
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Walking for 30 mins again

I hope this coming week I can do more. On days I go to physical Therapy I do not work out because that is a week out. lol. Also I got some new Running Shoes Skechers Flex Shoe .. They are soooo comfortable. 
                                                               HAPPY WORKOUT

Bliss to Bean

 My fancy protein drink lol

My new shoes . Love them

I'm going to try to manage my time this week better. I Have so much to blog about.

Have a great week everyone 


  1. Great work Nicole! How is PT going for you? How much longer do you have to go have they said?

    1. aww Thank you .. PT is going good. I still got a while.. My pain is getting better but still not where they like it to be, thank you for asking

  2. GREAT job lady!! I am so proud of you. That protein drink looks good!! Isn't there something so awesome about new sneakers?? Love the black!! Get it this week girl! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you girlie. Love my sneakers, It my lunch break I walked for 20 mins. Glad to be looking up. The protein drink was good lol :O)


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