Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sorry my friends ( post will be up tomorrow)

I know It's Sunday and I mean to post Sundays. It as been a crazy couple of weeks something is always coming up and we are gone all day. So I'm going to keep posting Sunday but if it gets pushed it will be Monday. I'm going to get a new computer too. I can't wait my screen broke on mine so I have to drive and use my sister's computer or I use my kindle I have a little keyboard with it. I love it but the words are hard to see when I write. lol  I feel so bad because it delays everything for me. I don't see my emails right away. Sorry to everyone again. Also if anyone knows a good brand lab top let me know in the comments. I had a HP I liked it but I know there better ones out there. I just can't spend to much right now. I also starting my online class towards my social work degree and this was a bad time for my computer to break. lol

But I just want everyone to have a great week .I HEARD someone say today that every time you woke up and see the sun and breath the air it's a blessing.. So just make everyday a good day.

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