Monday, August 8, 2016

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN 5 tips to make your your child feel better

Hey my friends happy Monday. So my son first day of kinder was last Thursday. He is loving it but it is a bit hard for him to leave me all day. But I just tell him he is going to have fun and a good day. He likes me to wave to him till he gets in the room. It is hard for me too. It was really hard to let him go. But I know it is for the best.

I have a couple tips for your little one going to kinder to make them feel better.

Tip 1 Put a picture of your family in there back pack till they get use to you being awhile.

Tip 2  Write a little note in there lunch box. Julian knows what love you looks like so he loves that ..

Tip 3 Just be positive for you and your little one. This is a very overwhelming time for both of you.

Tip 4 Don't be shy to talk to their teacher with any concerns. Remember they are there to talk to you too. They want your child to have a good experience. If you have any concerns better to nip it in the butt right away.

Tip 5 Make time to do homework or recapping of what they did at school. So your child knows your just as excited for school as they are. They told us about 45 mins or less everyday would be great to do at home.

Hope everyone as a great week and hope this helped a bit
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