Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm on this big kick about saving more money. So I started to try to coupon again. I have clipped all the coupons I need for today's trip. But first I want to give some tips for shopping a the grocery store.

1. If your store price matches .. Price match .. When you do it get ad's from all your local stores and match the lowest price in there ad's. I go to Walmart grocery store so they price match for sure. If you don't want to read all the ad's and compare price's there are local bloggers that do it all for you. My fav in my area is
bargainbeliever I love this site. They do all the price matching for you.

2. Use coupons (any amount helps even if it is $2 lol )

3. Don't go to the store hungry. You will just buy whatever you do not need.

4. Make a list before you go of what you need.

5. Be over friendly to the cashiers because they might cut you some breaks on your price matching. hehe :O)

Here is my receipt I saved $5.45 I know its not much but it's a start lol.

I even find these nice flowers for $ 3.99 great deal

so happy saving . I can't wait to share more ways to save with you all.

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