Thursday, September 5, 2013

Julian the Race Car Driver / Shopping Tips

This past Holiday weekend the family and I went to Scottsdale, Arizona at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey. I will be posting those Photo's soon of our whole trip. Scottsdale is only about two hours away so we did not go too far.

But I have some great tips for a staycation

1. If you can book your trip in Advanced ( I booked my trip early and I got a better rate on my room.) Sometimes they have you pay in full but if you can its worth it ..because by the time the trip comes along you payed for it and don't have to worry.

2. Go to Walmart and get all your drinks and snacks. You save so much money. You can put all your drinks in the refrigerator, buy throw away cups, also get anything else you need. 

3. Bring your laptop so you can look up local places to eat. It saves you money if you do not want to eat at the hotel.

4. If you can buy a GPS or borrow one. It helps you so much. We had no you trouble getting around because it directed us to right where we needed to be.

5. If you see outlet stores  off the freeway.You can go there and save so much money on clothes. We went to Gap and it was 50% everything . Outlet stores are always a lot less then retail stores.

6. Just have fun and enjoy your family...

Julian on his Staycation in his ride lol

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  1. So cute that you have this blog. I like the ideas not just for me, but for all the mommies out there and the staycation idea is great. Just thought I would say something on your comment section. Love you and miss you my niece.

    Your tia Norma Curley

  2. These are wonderful ideas! It's always great to read your are a great Mom! xo

  3. so sweet thank you tia . love u miss you too :O)


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