Monday, September 16, 2013

Being a Mama

Being a mom you tend to forget about taking care of your self. I know I did. But this last couple of weeks I feel like I'm dressing the way the use to, eating good and starting to use the make up I like again and Hair products. I buy everything for Julian and his Daddy I forget about me. any little thing helps you feel better.

I also take a bath every night to relax my body and it helps my recovery from all my Joint problems. Find something that makes you happy even if its only 30 mins a day.

Being a Mama you don't for get your dreams. I put all my dreams on the back burner. But this year I want start singing lessons again.. I hope to very much . I love music and acting . But one big dream I can say I DO HAVE IS MY SON. He is my world..

Being a Mama I love doing Things for Julian .. Being a Mama is Hard But I would never change it

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  1. So important for ME time. I cannot wait for you to cleanse mama! I feel so much better being on the right supplements and it makes me want to fuel my body properly and I feel like my old self again. I need more bubble baths! :)

  2. When we are a better ME, we are a better Mom, Spouse, Daughter, Sister, Aunt & Nana! Kudos to you for taking time for yourself, finally! You deserve a healthy & happy life. xoxo


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