Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kidney Walk and Healthier WAY OF LIFE

I have been working towards a healthier life style. So I have Joined the Advocare team and plan on doing more active activities like The Kidney walk on Nov 13 2013... This walk is very important to me. My Grandma got Kidney problems so for her to stay alive she needs to go to Dialysis. This is to keep the blood pumping within her Kidney's. Any money donated helps fund research for kidney's , equipment for Dialysis and much more. But I also walk to show my support for her. She means the world to me.
With Saying all this that is way it is so important to take care of your self and your family. With my family we do not eat out and we make home cook meals all the time. If we have to eat out we try to go to Boston Market . We do not eat ground beef. We eat turkey ground. Sounds funny but it taste great. I use it in my pasta, burgers,taco's, sloppy Joe's and more. I also keep fresh fruit cut up so we can all snack on and the baby loves it. We also make our own tea and eat veggies for a side dish in our meals. We just do these things to feel better. My Big Bubba(Daddy) drinks Spark from Advocare and loves it. He gives him good energy and when he comes down from it he still feels great . He does not feel tired at all. We are also going to be doing the Advocare cleanse soon. So we can get all the bad toxins out of our body. Also we are going to make sure we take the right supplements.
I'm so happy we are doing all these life style changes. If any one got questions about Advocare I will try to answer them ... But if I can't my sponsor Jenn @Bliss to Bean can help.. She great always here when I have questions. She looks amazing . I hope to get there like her also. 

Question!! What will you do to have a healthier life style? I would love to know

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  1. So proud of you!! I'm sure it's going to mean so much doing this walk. I would love to find one that means a lot to me! Can't wait to hear all about it! Any good veggie (sides) recipes you can share? I'm getting bored with my salads!

  2. so sweet thank you so much. I do have some veggie side dishes.
    1. mix corn/green beans .. Fresh or canned ..Put in pan with butter or I can't believe its butter for healthier way. Salt,pepper and garlic powder and top with mozzarella cheese. cheese melts it taste so good.


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