Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello my friends Sorry its been crazy busy .. But blogging is very important to me so please stay with me. But I do have a Hip Tip for you now. I have been a new Mommy for around 13 months now and I can say its hard taking care of yourself, spending time with you family, trying to work out(but you never seem to make it), cleaning you house, spending time with you honey, take care of baby and work full time, I have so much more but we would be here forever .. My Tip is stay positive and do something small for your self every week. Like go to a restaurant you like, watch your favorite T.V. show. I love  Giuliana and Bill. I realized life is so crazy and it hard making everyone happy but if your happy everyone will see that. This all takes time so take it day by day. :O)

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