Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wishing Baby would be my little Baby Forever

Everyday I look at my Baby Julian and wish he stayed my little baby. But I know he has to grow up. So I cherish every moment with him. I love watching him sleep and the way he snuggles right on me when we are sleeping. He knows Mama is there to comfort him. But baby guess what I will be there to comfort you your whole life. You will always be my little baby. Its our Job Mama's to be there for our babies there whole life no matter what they do. But for now when they are still our little babies  it is our job to record there memories for them because they cant. So when they grow up  we can share there first memories again with us. Show them there little noise and toes and there little silly ways . Tell them how when he was one years old he started playing Basketball and when he Laughed at you when you made funny sounds. Best of then all when he relaxed on his couch and ate his snacks watching T.V. But now live in moment.


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