Friday, September 29, 2017

Healthy Living (small steps)

Hey my friends this post is going to be about how it does not take much to take healthy steps to start to live a healthy life. On my last blog post Link Here Wellness Routine With Having A Six Year Old. I wrote of my routine. This post I'm going to talk about things I do during the week if a can't get a couple walks in or work outs. what do I do get myself on track and not feeling so sluggish. When I get crazy busy with moms things.

Tip 1:I drink even more water then usual and just try to keep really hydrated during the day. For every meal I also keep drinking water.

Tip 2: Try not to push the snooze button. I try to just get out of bed and just take my shower the first couple of minutes when I wake up. This really helps me wake up and get my energy up. When the water hits my face it really helps me wake up.

Tip 3: I park further in the parking lot . This sounds funny but I do anything to get an extra couple steps in were a can. Also when I'm waiting for my son to get out of school. The school as a lot of stairs in one area. I walk up and down them a couple of minutes. They are in an area were there is not to much people watching. So I do not look too crazy. lol.

Tip 4: I make sure I take my supplements everyday. I recently heard of Elysium Health—they have a great supplement called Basis which is designed to support well-being at a cellular level. Something I just think I need getting older in life. I'm 36 now and feel like I need to stay on top of my supplements. I also had the pleasure of being featured on one of their health graphics. They have a bunch of great health information on their website so please check it out. Here is the link. There is so much more beneficial information to help give you insight into why it is good to live a healthy lifestyle. There's also more great information on their supplement Basis.

TIP 5: I know I always say this just try to stay positive and do something everyday that makes you happy. I like hanging out at my local coffee shop. I sit outside and enjoy the great Arizona weather. Have a great weekend my friends and drink water ... lol :O)

Nicole xoxo


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