Monday, August 29, 2016

5 Tips to make you feel better about getting older in life

Hey my friends happy Monday hope everyone had a great start to the week. Mine was busy and still busy. But if I can't get my blog post up Sunday's I'm going to shoot for Monday. But I like Sunday's. Last week was my first week back at school. I'm going to the local community college, I love it but I wish I was done. If I did not have all my these health issues and surgeries this past couple of years I would have been done. I'm going back to get my degree in social work. But now I'm going to be 35 in a couple days and feel like I lost all this time, Sorry I guess I'm just like this right now because my birthday will be here and I thought I would have done more in my life by now. Anyone ever feel like that? Don't get me wrong I'm so happy I have my son and his got a great daddy. I just want to make sure Julian gets everything he needs and more.. 35 is just getting to me . So today I'm going to give you 5 tips on how to feel better when you get the blues about getting older. lol These are helping me forget about my Birthday blues... lol

Tip 1 I keep telling myself it is just a number you just need to take care of your self. If you don't take care of your self your body feels older. I really want to start Yoga or something like that..

Tip 2 Dress up if you want to dress up. Sometimes picking my son up at school and just on a shirt and shorts.. But I need to take time to pick out my clothes like I use too.

3. Plan your self a get together with your family or friends, Just because your older does not mean you can't throw your self a little something. lol

4. You earned it. Buy your self something you really wanted, You do so much for everyone get it. lol. Nice thing about not being a kid anymore is you have some money. lol

5. look to the future,, I noticed I was just caught up on the past and negative things. I got so many good things happening. Now my health is better, I started school, my so loves school, I do what makes me happy now. Like this blog. I just try not to over think it.. SO HAPPY B DAY TO EVERYONE WHO GOT A BIRTHDAY IN AUGUST.. thank you for stopping by love you

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Starbucks makes me happy and I hear you get a free drink on your Birthday if you sign up for the awards program.
This is not them telling me to let everyone. lol, This something I find out because i signed up and it is free and you earn points when you buy drinks. The points can be used to get free food or drinks. 

Tip I just load my Starbucks card every two weeks to budget myself. I do
10 -15 dollars and when I ran out I have to wait till it rounds two weeks again.
Because you know it is pricey ,, But I love it. They can also reload your card at the
store so you don't have to put a debit card on file..

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