Tuesday, April 15, 2014

These days have been so busy with work and school and of course the family. also I'm still in PT.The doctors are still trying to figure out way I have arm pain all the time. But you know what I'm keeping positive. I have had some blue days. But I need to not do that. I know I will get better soon.  I just wish I could work from home. lol.. Julian is doing great.. Can you believe he is going to start Preschool in July. wow. My little baby.

So I also came across this .. I was like wow this is cool to do.

my co works have been doing this.
Put your salad dressing on the bottom. So the salad does not get nasty and you salad get soft.
use hard veggies, pasta, cheese,proteins, nuts, seeds, fruits, then salad greens. Just stack everything together.
Put in refrigerator and when you ready pop the jar open.. sooooooo good. yum 

Hope everyone is having a great week. I promise when school is done for the summer. I will be blogging more. I need to manage my time better :O)


  1. I recently heard about this too! I saw a video on how to put them together. I need to try it for sure! Have you yet?

    I'm praying for you, Nicole! You will get better. I know what you mean about wishing you could work from home. I can some days, but not often. I'll pray that there will be fewer blue days! God is good!

  2. praying for your continued recovery. all will be well in no time. God will take care of you.
    i've done the salad jar thing...it's awesome and convenient!

  3. This is my first semester back in school after 3 years (5 since going full time) and it's been so hard trying to manage my time. I got so used to only having a job and then all the free time was spent doing whatever I wanted. It took me a while to get my groove but blogging definitely took a hit. Oh well! Priorities right? :)

    Salad in a jar, what a great idea!! Great for work too.

    1. thank you Jordan it taste great. Proud of your for going back to school. I'm taking one class right now too. Its hard to i'm doing it and my blogging also takes a hit. Hope you are having a great week


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