Monday, March 3, 2014

Week in workout

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Physical therapy
Wednesday : Rest
Thursday: Physical therapy
Friday: 30 min exerice bike
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Walking for 40 mins again  and still walking at work on breaks .. 

It was a hard week but I did it. My pain was better . My right arm is still hurting a lot from my neck ..I wish I could stop blogging about pain or you guys are going to stop reading my blog.

no worries I got good things to post... just trying to balance work ,school and pain.. Your going to see great things.. 


  1. don't knock yourself down, nicole. blogging is good no matter what you write about. we are all here for you thru good and not your best. keep it up. even a pic a day helps take the bad away. xo


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