Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don't you feel like you need more time in the day .. :O)

Don't you my friends feel like you need more time in your day? I mean yesterday I went to work from 7-3:30pm, then I had physical therapy, then Michaels because I needed supplies for my Christmas wreaths I have been making. Which I will be posting when I'm all done. :O) Then I went to the store because we were running low on food. Which if you go to Wal-Mart(price match) you save so much money I got a 5 pound ham for Christmas for $4.45 and it was $10.45  .......... Sweet :O). Then I got home when made dinner and washed the dishes. By that time it was almost 9pm. I was like oh my god no wonder I'm always so tired... Wish I could work from home. lol. Julian and I would bake cookies all day . But I need to remember with being so busy to make sure I stick with Julian routine. Every night we read a book and thank God for another day. It is so cute every night he thanks God for Fire Trucks. lol 

So today is Julian first Dentist appointment we can't wait.. My baby is going up. I will update you on how it went.. Hope everyone is having a good week and remember don't forget it take care of your self's :O)

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  1. I still haven't made a Christmas wreath..and since Christmas is almost over I probably won't. I'll just wait and make one for Valentine's day. Our fall wreath is still up..whoops.


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