Monday, November 18, 2013


At our Local 99cent store .
My fall finds
1.stickers for Yard sale. lol
2. kids plates(cars brand)
3. Dish Soap
4. kids spoons. Julian holds them very well.
5. Sharpie( for Yard sale. )lol
6. Paper Towels
7. sticky notes
great finds at the dollar store ...

Go into your local store and see what you find..  I bet you will find a deal lol
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  1. I LOVE the dollar store!! I haven't been in awhile, thanks for reminding me! I hope to have a yard sale next year--as it's too cold now to have one here. Wish you could help me with mine, oy!!

    1. I know you find great stuff there. If I was there I would love to help you. It would be so fun. If you need tips i'm here ... Hope you Don't get to cold .. stay warm :O)

  2. Seriously? I'm totally going to check it out. Those stickers will be perfect when Mia gets older!!


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