Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Back Into Shape

Right now I'm in Physical Therapy So I can not workout but I'm determined to stay healthy. Going to keep eating right , having a positive outlook, light walking and I want to try more products from Advocare. But I have to take it day by day. This last two weeks of been hard. I also have to keep doing my exercise's I get from Physical Therapy to get my body back to normal. I also need to stock up on my vitamins. I look forward to working towards being healthy.

PS , If anyone as any tips for me please let me know :O)

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  1. Eating right is the best thing you can do! It will totally make you feel good, especially since you can't workout right now!
    Hope you recover quickly!!

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  3. thank you so much for the support. I have been eating better and I started feeling better. Its so easy to cook something quick and healthy.


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