Monday, June 3, 2013

Music is a great for babies and toddlers

Here is Julian Playing His Piano..... He loves it .. He got his piano as a Birthday gift from Nana & and Grandpa....... Music is great for a child because 
1. Relieves Stress
2.Playing A Musical Instrument is Fun
3. Sense of Achievement
4. Helps A child read 
                      Julian Claps when he is done playing (sense of Achievement)he loves music. 


  1. Awe Good for him - sounds like something he enjoys ♥ Love You My Friend ♥

  2. He loves it so much. thank u miss u my dear friend

  3. That's true! Music is a great learning activity...the parts of the brain that deal with music can so easily go ignored these days

  4. It is true. I want to make sure I have music in his life . It will better him in the future :O)


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