Thursday, May 23, 2013

They never stay small :O(

Remembering when Julian was small. I ALWAYS think to myself how I miss those days. Time goes so fast. Now I never believed anyone when they told me to cherish the days when they are small because it goes by so fast. Boy they were so right. It goes by sooooooo fast. I always think to myself I hope I did a good job because I do not have a second chance. Now that Julian is TWO I'm going to make sure I cherish all the small moments with him... One day he will be in College and I will be dreaming of the days when he was just my little Baby :O)

                                                                 When Ging Ging was first born

                                                                This is when I realized I was a Mama.
                                                                 it was the best day of my LIFE..
He just keeps Growing 


  1. Oh my heavens, he was an adorable newborn!! But he is such a handsome little man! I believe you when you say time goes by too fast! Mia is already 5 months old and it feels like she was just born yesterday! Aaahh!

  2. I know . Cherish that time i miss it so much. thank you for your sweet comments about Julian. He is growing so fast. Today he peeled a banana by himself. Before you know it Mia will be 10 months.Each month they learn something different its so fun to watch.

  3. SO true!! I wish time would just stop. He was so precious and tiny!!

  4. Thank you so much Jenn. I wish time would stop. Now he is 34 pounds :O(


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