Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blessing For having a Healthy Baby

I just wanted to bring something up dear to my heart... I watch House Wives Of  New Jersey. There is a mother Jacqueline on there and her son Nicholas as Autism he is about three years . I have a lot of respect for her.. She is a great mom and he is so cute. Also there is a another Boy around the same age like Jacqueline's son his name is Tripp he as brain Damage because a huge tree limp hit him in the head and shattered his Skull. He is doing better and everyday it is very hard for this parents also but they have a great outlook at life still. what I'm trying to say I'm so lucky Julian is healthy and feel very blessed. Everyday gets so busy we forget how lucky we are sometimes. Just to hear Julian say mama is a blessing. Because some toddlers can not express how they feel like Nicholas or Tripp. I have great respect for their parents. I'm just going to be the best mom I can be and make sure every moment is not taken for granted. Even when I watch Curious George all day.... lol :O)
Julian first time seeing a dino
Julian, Mama and Dino :O)


  1. so cute...i'm sure he loved the dinosaurs!

  2. He did ....... It first he was scared but after he was happy and making dino sounds lol


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