Monday, September 29, 2014


Today Julian's got a little cold. I want him to eat some chicken soup but I just did not want to open I can of soup. I wanted him to have that good broth. I been trying to cook more. So what I did was make my easy chicken soup.
Chopped up Celery
Bag of frozen corn
Bag of frozen carrots
I shredded a rotisserie chicken(already cooked lol)added to veggies and broth
added Chicken flavor bouillon(start with a small amount then add as you go.)
boiled some egg noodles and added it to the veggies and broth. let cook for about an hour or till the veggies were soft.

Then all done. so easy. I was so happy this was my first time making soup like this. The best part Julian loved it and the broth taste so good. So anytime you want to make easy chicken soup . Here you go .. So proud of my self lol.

Here is my soup



  1. I do that too when Brooke gets sick!! So much better than a can. Hope he feels better!

  2. sounds so comforting for him! you're a good mama :)



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