Monday, March 10, 2014

Week in workout

Bliss to Bean

Monday: rest But walking a work at lunch and breaks
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday : 20 mins stationary bike
Thursday: Cervical Steroid Injection to my arm and neck... To help with my pain.Then I had to rest the next couple of days. You get really sore and some other side affects. But I hope this is a last one
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest 

Still taking all my supplements like my ADVOCARE OMEGAPLEX , Multi vitmins , and more... You need to take suppements it helps so much. Can you believe I use to take ibuprofen twice a day.. For the last 3 months I have not been since I know its because omegaplex. It helps with my joint pain..

Also I drink one protein drink a day,, 

Have a great week... I will be posting Julian and I at the Rodeo Parade ......Fun times 


  1. I agree! There are so many nutrients that we aren't getting in our foods so taking supplements helps. I've heard that fish oil helps with joint pain...good to know it's working for you!!

  2. Oh goodness you poor dear!! I am so sorry you're dealing with all that. When you run out of Omegas, maybe try joint promotion? It's supposed to really help as well. I hope you're feeling better mama! Hugs to Julian!

    1. Thank you I have been feeling better.. I give hugs to Julian.. Hugs to Brooke ... I think I should look into joint promotion :O)

  3. Sorry lady, hope it wasn't too bad! Can't wait to see pics from the rodeo parade!

    1. aww thank you it was bad but i'm better now .. I will post them soon of the parade

  4. hang in there, kiddo! hopefully, this time next year you will be so much better and this will all be a blur. xo


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