Monday, November 25, 2013

My baby is growing up.

Today was I thinking of the days when Julian was small. I miss it so much. I do love that is growing up into a little boy. But it is hard to watch. He does not want me to help him all the time. He tells me no no no no mama. I say why baby :O(. He is now potty training. He is still wearing Diapers but he will be in Pull ups soon. I know he needs to grow but when he is out of diapers what will I do my little baby will not be a baby. Of course in my eye's he is always my baby. I do love it that he can talk very well now and tell me what is wrong and what he wants but I miss the times when I would hold him and cuddle. Now he only cuddles when he wants or does not feel good. But now every night he says I love you mama  before bed . I LOVE hearing that . I'm happy he is growing I just think why does it have to go so fast.. Mama's like I always say cherish the times when they are little. It goes by fast. Before I know it he will be in school. But I do look forward to each new moment that comes along. Here are some picture's to remember when he was small...:O)

                                                           I love how small he looks .. I love those pj 's
                                                             Julian's first Banana split
                                                                Julian with longer hair.. Wow the curls. lol

Mama's what moments do you miss with your Babies? I would love to hear from you

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