Thursday, October 17, 2013


These days are getting to be so busy and time is flying. So being a Mama that works Full time I make it a point to make sure I spend quality time with Julian. I always make sure we do something fun when I get home. Like going to the park or playing outside(Daddy been fixing up the back yard and it is looking great. photo's coming soon)I also come home at lunch for about 20 mins just to me sure he sees me. But when I get home and make dinner I have him help me if he can. One more important thing is we always eat dinner together (Daddy, Mama ,Julian) Quality time is a great thing no matter how busy you are. :O) Time with the family is great.

I was also looking at pictures of when Julian was small and time does fly.

 Baby Julian 

                                                                        Toddler Julian  ( He loves firetrucks)
See time really flies :O)

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  1. these are precious pictures. always cherish your family are so blessed. xo

  2. Just found your blog and can really relate to making time count. My husband and I are trying hard to sit down together with Sawyer and spend a lot of quality time with him while we can. BTW love the name Julian. My girlfriend just had a baby boy and named him that. So sweet.

  3. Hi Jess I read your blog and you do relate to time counting you have a wonderful looking family and you been though a lot but you always stayed positive and that is great. so cool your friend named her son Julian and sawyer a good name :O)


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