Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Spark is a great Energy Drink Mix with Vitamin & acid supplement... I feel very ran down after work and sometimes it is hard to focus when I get home . Spark helped my mind focus and feel very refreshed after I drink the mix and it taste very good. They have different favors but I tried watermelon I can't wait to order some. They also have a meal replacement shake and 24 day challenge bundle for weight loss.. I hope to try soon. Thank you to Jenn with Bliss to Bean for introducing me to Spark.. Jenn is a distributor and very knowledgeable about Advocare. If you have any questions she is very happy to help you. Here is a link to her blog Bliss to Bean.. Happy drinking :O)

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  1. SO glad you liked it!! Thanks for sharing me on your blog. :)


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