Monday, July 8, 2013


I miss these days when my baby was small. I know I always talk about this but I struggle with Julian getting older. I don't know if a lot of mommies go though this. But I sure do.. If anyone does reach out to me. I would love to here from you and if you have any tips.
  Also I try not to say to much because I don't want anyone I feel back for me. Because I'm trying to fight through my feelings. After Julian was Born I have had a lot of problems with my right hip and leg. I find out after two years it was my Sacroiliac Joint was out of place after I had baby. It is getting better now with physical therapy but i'm still having problems. Just a message to my blogger friends. I JUST REALIZED writing this has long has you have your baby (even if he is getting older) Everything will be ok and work itself out. :O)This blog is like my therapy :O)


  1. I totally get what you're saying. It's so neat to watch Mia grow and discover things, but it breaks my heart that time is flying too quickly!!

  2. I know my heart breaks all the time


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