Friday, February 1, 2013

Sick Days

Sorry I have not Blogged a lot I have been very sick. But each day gets better. I just know being a Mommy no matter how much you try to stay healthy to take care of everyone you need to make sure you are ok. I had a big health scare but with my great doctor . I'm on my way to normal life again. Still weak but I doing better everyday. Just remember enjoy life, Everything you do, your work, family and health. If you take care of your self . Everything will fall in place ... Remember if you get the Flu . It is serious . Take care of it right away. I had the flu like I never had before then I got bronchitis , then i had a serious asthma attack , also popped my rib out. then after all that my breathing was really bad. My airways closed up in me. I was getting only alittle air to my lungs. So on bed rest. So I had to do treatments everyday all day. Not to sound so bad. But I just want everyone to take care of them self . You never know what will happen .......

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