Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Couponing is a great way to save some money and just a couple of coupons to start saves you money. You don't have to save a big folder to start. For example I had 3 coupons for baby products and they were each 1 dollar each. So I SAVED 3 dollars. WOW. When you are on a budget anything helps.

You Can find your Coupons in.
Sunday Paper / Wednesday Paper
P&G , Smart source , and Red Plum come in your mail (make sure to look in all that junk mail :O) lol)
Face book (You can look up products you like on face book and if you like them they give you Coupons.)
Also if you go on the web pages of products you like and write or email them and tell them how much you like the product and ask do they offer Coupons. I EMAILED SIMILAC AND TOLD THEM HOW MUCH I LOVE THERE BABY MILK AND THEY MAILED ME A BUNCH OF COUPONS:o)
Target got coupons also. You can use they with Manufacturer Coupons and double your savings.
You can also load coupons to your loyalty card at your local grocery store.

*** BIG HIP TIP*** You can  build up your coupons start small and keep adding... Don't stress on it if it expires. More will keep coming every week..

This is just a start to Couponing Tips more will be coming :O) ENJOY. If you have any questions feel free to comment me and I can help you.


  1. these are great tips for us just starting out with the coupons...thank you!


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