Friday, March 16, 2012

Being the same you with new baby

Now I'm going to tell you being a new mommy is a hard job. But you can do it . You just need to figure out what works for you. Believe me not everyone is the same we all deal with things in a different way. I work full time and full time mommy. So when I get dressed it as to be fast. I also can say sometimes I dont dress nice and not put together . But then I feel bad. I'm not saying looks is everthing but just taking care of your self can make a big difference .
One big tip I can give you is just do your hair in the morning and put some powder on and later on you can put more make up on . It just makes it easy for you. Because after work you can go get the baby from the sitter and then go pay bills or whatever you have to do . You will feel better about your self.
Second tip is always have you toes done . I know I can throw on whatever shoe I see (because the night before the baby was playing with my shoe and it long gone :O). Just remember little things can make you happy.


  1. Grandma's could Learn also : ) Love Ya My Friend ♥

  2. yay! finally giving your secrets away...there's many women out there who could use some of your good advice, too! xoxo


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